Professional Cutting

Our professional cutting includes CNC routing, table saw cutting and edge binding. Being able to cut to size demands less waste on your material and easier handling afterwards. If you feel creative, working with us means you can create professional looking DIY projects with minimum tools and hands-on skills.

All our kitchen cabinets are in house designed and machined with our CNC router, together with our quality edge binding our finish products don’t just have the looks, they will serve your household with integrity for years to come. If you’re in need of professional CNC routing when dealing with some of daunting tasks where ordinary machines fall short, we’re happy to assist you to achieve best possible outcome. Besides, our qualified staff members can definitely shed some lights if you’re intimidated by design related issues.

Other than cutting, we also stock a wide range of aluminium and perspex panels. Our poly carbonate sheets can be a great choice when extra structural strength and security needed;
our various diffusion materials are sought after among lighting designers and signage makers – all of them can be precisely cut to your specification. For more about our stocked items,
please visit our product page.