DIY Ply & Wood

With Joe’s DIY, the limit is your imagination. Visualise your unique ideas with us, we can easily turn them into prototypes. The secret lies in our programmable CNC router which brings ideas to life in a robotic fashion. With such advantage, we can fine tune your design by using our software until you’re happy with the end results.

Our DIY is not limited to timber or plywood, we use a wide range of materials depends on the application. From construction components such as doors, windows, stair rails, screens to highly specialised wooden architecture and design. As many as we do industrial related work, a lots of personalised DIY projects done in our workshop, such as underwater camera housing, wine rack, storage unit, fitness equipment, packing station and photography light box.

For DIY enthusiasts, having something to work on during weekends is often refreshing and relaxing. If everything goes to plan, the end result is rewarding and most importantly,
you created something uniquely designed to suit your purpose; otherwise DIY projects can quickly turn into intimidation and we’ve seen so many cases over the years where customers spend huge amount of money on their projects yet unable to complete due to a lack of specialised equipment or knowledge. Therefore, we encourage you to come and talk to us: we can help you choose the right material, cut major components but most importantly, come up with the right solutions so you can have something to brag about.