Custom Kitchen Design

With years of experience in cabinets making, we design our custom kitchens to be the most rigid and functional. Our customers often found our kitchens to be user friendly and even after many years tare and wear, still show great integrity. We proud ourselves for our knowledge in understand the nature of different wood materials, therefore know how to combine them to make outstanding products.

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DIY Ply & Wood

With Joe’s DIY, the limit is your imagination. Visualise your unique ideas with us, we can easily turn them into prototypes. The secret lies in our programmable CNC router which brings ideas to life in a robotic fashion. With such advantage, we can fine tune your design by using our software until you’re happy with the end results.

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Professional Cutting

Our professional cutting includes CNC routing, table saw cutting and edge binding. Being able to cut to size demands less waste on your material and easier handling afterwards. If you feel creative, working with us means you can create professional looking DIY projects with minimum tools and hands-on skills.

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Are you ready for a new kitchen?