Plywood is a product made up of numerous thin strips of wood, known as veneers. Each veneer sheet is laid on top of each other with the grain of each alternating sheet running in opposition direction and bonded with glue into a plywood sheet. This method of construction creates a very strong and versatile man-made timber material which is less susceptible to expansion and shrinkage.
The majority of plywood is made from an odd number of layers, called plies (typically 3, 5 or 7), with an equal number of plies on each side of the centre ply.
One side of the plywood sheet is known as the “face” which is normally the side which would be seen in most applications and is generally the superior side. The other side is known as the “back” and is generally not as appealing and maybe rough. You can purchase plywood that has two goods sides for those applications where both sides of the sheet will be visible.

A plywood sheet is constructed with each veneer running in the opposite direction.

Plywood Product List

  • C/D Ply
  • Russian Birch Ply
  • Maple Marine Ply
  • E-Lite Ply
  • Form Ply
  • Hardwood Bracing Plywood (F22)
  • T&G Softwood Flooring Ply
  • Interior and Feature ply
    • Bendy Ply
    • Hard Wood Bending Ply
  • Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Interior Ply



Our plastics range consists of Acrylic, Polycarbonate and Styrene (HIPS) High Impact Polystyrene.

Acrylic is available in clear sheets from 1.5mm to 50mm thicknesses. Colours, frosts, tints and light diffusers come in limited thicknesses, with the most variety of colours in the 3mm. Limited colours are available in the 4.5mm and 6mm thickness range. Acrylic offers high light transmission and can be easily formed without loss of optical clarity.

Polycarbonate is available in sheet form in clear, opal and tint, in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 12.7mm. Polycarbonate can be cut to size, fabricated and machined.

Styrene is available in white or black sheets, in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 3mm. It can be easily cut with the “scribe and snap” method, saw or router.


Key Properties

  • 10 x impact strength of glass
  • easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined
  • excellent optical quality and light transmission
  • chemical resistance to common acids, alkalis, salt spray, petroleum oils and greases
  • excellent weather resistance


  • outdoor/indoor signage
  • boat screens
  • display cabinets
  • POS displays
  • brochure/menu holders
  • glazing

Lexan (Polycarbonate)

Key Properties

  • very high impact strength
  • virtually unbreakable
  • high modulus of elasticity
  • high heat deflection capability
  • absorbs very little moisture
  • low frequency and high voltage insulating characteristics


  • electrical and electronic components
  • structural applications
  • windows and wind breaks
  • railings and barriers
  • safety & industrial glazing
  • roofing and skylights
  • shopfronts and anti-vandalism
  • instrument covers and machine guards

Prismatic Light Diffuser

Key Properties

  • good dimensional strength
  • balanced properties of impact strength and heat resistance
  • easily machined
  • relatively low cost
  • surface allows for good ink retention


  • screen printing
  • point of sale displays
  • stencils
  • prototypes
  • architectural models
  • tags and labels

Apart from above, we also stock a range of MDF, Melamine HMR, Aluminum Composite Panels and Masonite.