Premium Kitchen Design & DIY

The Kitchen is the central hub of a home, a place where families gather and children nourished, and a place of reunion for years to come. Many wonderful family moments take place in the kitchen, so when it comes to build your dream kitchen, we take the time to understand your needs. After all, we all have different tastes.

Started as a cabinet maker, we have been building new kitchens for well over 40 years in the Illawarra region, with many distant customers across New South Wales. When it comes to choosing materials, we use premium grade plywood and other composite materials. These days, our industry is saturated with low quality imported products, many consumers paying premium price end up getting low quality kitchens. Therefore we encourage you to visit us and have a feel about the quality of our stocked items.

Joe Barbaro


Joe started JOE’S DIY in 2006. With over 45 years experience as a professional cabinet maker and kitchen designer, he is our kitchen expert and a well respected tradesman around the block. Make an appointment with Joe for a new kitchen or kitchen renovation quote.

Anthony Barbaro

Managing Director

Following his dad’s footsteps, Anthony has developed a profound understanding in design and fabrication. He manages all material sourcing for our ongoing projects to ensure high quality and delivery. If you have any DIY questions, or product information/recommendations Anthony is the best person to discuss with.

Matthew Cheetham

CNC Technician

Matt operates our CNC machine. Using specialized CAD software he makes all the magic happen and ensures the finish quality and precision of our products. If you have design related questions, feel free to grab Matt for a chat.

Veronica Barbaro

Accounts Manager

Veronica looks after all our new and existing customers to maintain friendly and genuine customer experiences. She also oversights our daily working progress to make sure our customers get their orders on time.

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